Welcome to San Jose State University's Conference Overnight Guest and Intern Housing Programs Portal (This site is for NON-SJSU Students only)

This registration page is for both non-students who are visiting SJSU for a program, class or event and need temporary housing and Interns who are looking for summer housing in Silicon Valley. Housing stays can range from 1 night up to 1 month for Overnight Guests, and 1 week to 2 months for Intern Housing. Parking is also avaliable for purchase if needed. Please click on the approriate button below to register and pay for your stay.


Disclaimer about Intern & Overnight Guest Housing : Due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19 all bookings (Overnight Guest Housing and Intern Housing) will be held on a tentative basis, both parties (Intern or Overnight Guest & SJSU) have the right to cancel the booking, up until 2 weeks before arrival. Single occupancy and Double occupancy rooms are available. Quarantine spaces are no longer available. Anyone who is sick will isolate in their assigned room until well. Your (Overnight Guest or Intern) stay will not be confirmed until someone on the SJSU Housing team confirms your booking. You will receive an email confirmation 2 weeks before arrival confirming your booking. You will need to bring your vaccination card to check-in to get verified before checking in. You will not be allowed to check in without proof of vaccine and booster. Please keep an eye out for this email. All payment will be collected upon check-in.

LOGIN If you have stayed in SJSU Guest Housing/Intern Housing since June 1st 2022 and have an account with your email and password, use the login button to continue.

UPDATE ACCOUNT If you have stayed in SJSU Guest Housing/Intern Housing prior to June 1st 2022 and have a previous account with your email and password, please use this link to update them before logging in to your account.

NEW REGISITRATION If you have have never stayed in SJSU Guest Housing/Intern Housing and have never registered with Conference Servicecs before, please use this link to begin your registration.

EVENT INQUIRY If you are looking to host a group with SJSU conference services during Summer 2023, use this link to submit your Event Inquiry. We will get back to you via email with a response to your inquiry.

If you need assistance while registering please contact us at UHS-ConferenceAssistant@SJSU.edu or give us a call at (408)795-5672